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Featured Products 2017

Ventis Pro Series
with No Comments

Ventis Pro Series Multi Gas Detector Stop carrying multiple instruments to meet your gas detection needs. The Ventis™ Pro Series … Read More

Ventis MX4
with No Comments

Ventis MX4 Multi Gas Detector Let the Ventis MX4 gas detector take your safety program to the next level. Brand … Read More

Altair 5X
with 7 Comments

ALTAIR® 5X Multi Gas Detector The rugged, multi-featured MSA ALTAIR 5X Multi gas Detector boasts several options that provide maximum … Read More

with 2 Comments

ALTAIR® 4X Multigas Detector The ALTAIR 4X is an extremely durable Multigas Detector that simultaneously measures up to four gases … Read More

Ultima X Series Gas Monitors
with No Comments

Ultima X Series Gas Monitors Designed to provide thorough, continuous monitoring of many hazardous gases, the indoor/outdoor Ultima X Series … Read More

Workman® Harnesses
with 4 Comments

Workman® Harnesses Quality, comfort, and value come together in the Workman line of products. Workman Full Body Harnesses feature lightweight … Read More

Confined Space Entry Kits
with 2 Comments

Confined Space Entry Kits Tripod confined space entry kits provide simple ordering with all the necessary components for a complete … Read More

Roofer Kits
with 1 Comment

Roofer Kits MSA’s Roofer’s Kits provide safety and ease of mind while working.  

Dyna-Lock® Self-Retracting Lanyard
with No Comments

Dyna-Lock® Self-Retracting Lanyard The MSA Dyna-Lock® Self-Retracting Lanyards (SRL) are fast-acting fall arresters that limit free-fall distance, deceleration distance and … Read More

Workman® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard
with No Comments

Workman® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard When free-fall distance can exceed two feet, use a lightweight, low-profile Workman® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard. The energy absorber … Read More

with 6 Comments

MSA G1 SCBA MSA’s long-standing commitment to the fire service industry began nearly 100 years ago. Our goal is to … Read More

Advantage 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator
with 2 Comments

Advantage 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator The Advantage 200 LS is a comfortable, efficient and economic half mask. It is ideal … Read More

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